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Biblical Studies Carnival for November 2017 Bible Studies

Biblical Studies Carnival for November 2017 Bible Studies


Atonement: Sin, Sacrifice, and Salvation in Jewish and Christian Antiquity

The Spreading Flame - F.F. Bruce

The New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes

Tom Wright and the Search for Truth: A Theological Evaluation | Biblical Studies

... Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” ...

Edwin Cyril Blackman, Biblical Interpretation. The Old Difficulties and the New Opportunity

Ruben Rus posted the 146th Biblical Studies Carnival for April 2018 at his blog, Ayuda Ministerial. Ruben has been blogging for a long time and is one of ...

Second Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls - F.F. Bruce

This is an extremely valuable (if not essential) resource for anyone with an interest in the forming church and New Testament studies.

Biblical Studies Carnival for October 2017

James Montgiomery Boice, ed., The Foundation of Biblical Authority

Michael Langlois discussed the reception of the Torah in deuterocanonical literature in a lead up to the discussion of the same topic at SBL.

June is usually a slow month for Bibliobloggers. Academics disappear for three months, pastors go on vacation and some strange people go outside and enjoy ...

I have not done a book review on the blog for a while. But a great opportunity came along for a great resource, so here we are.

The October 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival is posted by Doug Chaplin at his blog, Musings of a Christian Humanist. Doug did a great job gather the best of ...

late night at SBL, Nov 2010 Each month, the Biblical Studies Carnival ...

Septimus Buss [1836-1914], The Trial of Jesus Illustrated from Talmud and

Book Now For Tyndale Fellowship Conference 2017

... Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” (with the promise that they “explain biblically God's good design for manhood and womanhood”), ...

The June Avignonian Carnival of 'May Biblical Studies End of the Academic Year' Goodness

Jacob Prahlow posted the 144 Biblical Studies Carnival for February 2018 at his blog, Pursuing Veritas. Jacob is a veteran blogger who has hosted carnivals ...

image of Lumina Bible Study Suite

In 2012 Crossway published an impressive collection of 21 essays defending the historical reliability of the Bible under the title Do Historical Matters ...


Book selection

... Christian Apocalypses after 25 years on the Ancient Jew Review. She says “I no longer see the ascent apocalypses as an unbroken tradition emanating from ...

Biblical Studies Carnival

february-2017-bsc. Welcome to the February 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival!

... Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” (with the promise that they “explain biblically God's good design for manhood and womanhood”), ...

Davies, Barton, Jarick

Old Testament / Hebrew Bible

There was a conference on Hosea that was video taped that Deane posted concerning. Various and sundry among you may find it to be worth checking out.

European Journal of Theology

Biblical Studies Carnival 147 (May 2018)

Bob MacDonald posed the first Biblical Studies Carnival of 2018 at his blog, Dust. Bob has done an excellent job collecting links to biblioblogs on a wide ...

Alin Suciu had an interesting little snippet about the appearance of Egyptian hieroglyphs in a Canon table. You don't see that every day, do ya?

Doug Chaplin. Doug Chaplin. musings of a Christian humanist


The second of Steve Moyise 's seminars at Newman University, ...

16501645095_b03bf5767f_o. Welcome to the February 2016 Biblical Studies Carnival!

September 2017 Scripture Writing from Bible Girl

The inaugural session of the SBL Blogger and Online Publication Section was a great and geeky success. Each presenter provides an online copy of his paper ...

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November 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival

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Book Review: The Old Testament Case for Nonviolence (Fleischer) | Pursuing Veritas

25th September 2015

Occasionally, someone asks me what “the secret” is to really learning the biblical languages well. The answer is simple, but not easy: work hard ...

Send along your submissions for the upcoming Biblical Studies Carnival (Avignon). It's shaping up to be a good one! #ThereWillBeTears

Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical and Post-Biblical Antiquity: Yamauchi and Wilson

Tim Bulkeley hosted the (apparently misnumbered) 147th Biblical Studies Carnival, and focused it on podcasts. I had hoped to start podcasting last month and ...

NIV Proclamation Bible

Tripp Fuller illustrates the tragic state of biblical studies as publicity questing in a post nearly everyone should visit (to see an example of biblical ...

10 great ways to combine Bible and handwriting practice in your home! | www.

Prophetic Warnings of an Economic Downturn in November 2017

May 2018: Biblical Studies Carnival 147

January Scripture Writing Plan

Just a few weeks ago the annual conferences of the biblical studies societies were underway in New England. As I have posted about in the past, ...

The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible (Robertson)

Five Things Everyone Should Know About the Bible

... Biblical Studies Carnival it is quality all the way… image: Tailor Made London (.com)

A very fine resource for those interested in the Old Testament and Archaeology was published in November. I highly recommend it. So, what is it?

... Christians are familiar with the 66 book Biblical canon, there are actually different Biblical canons in use around the world. Almost all Christian New ...

August 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival If You've Left Evangelicalism, Which One? → · resurrection_icon

LifeWay Women All Access — Kelly Minter's New Bible Study + A Giveaway

Lectio Difficilior banner

The Psalms have long been the hymnal of Christian worship. Jesus and his disciples sang the psalms of the Hebrew Bible and the practice continued with Paul ...

Screenshot Hebrew Tanach

NIV Journey Bible

... copy of Dr. Stanley Porter's most recent (latest) new (fresh) book this year, Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament: Studies in Tools, Methods, ...

Free Bible Study Guides - Sarah E. Frazer

Advertising campaign for Coca-Cola

This Bible does not stop at printing the Bible in Hebrew and Greek. The editors state (and I have left the grammar and punctuation unchanged):

How Useful is it Really?

Cherry picking 2017-06-17 18.39.15

I've been flicking through the pages of Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus, looking to see whether I should include it on a booklist as an introduction to ...

While we are beginning, Nick Knisely annotates the science of gravitational perturbations, a theory of the aftermath of beginning, concerning polarization ...

5 things to do for more effective scripture reading

Notice anything unusual about this logo? My wife called me over and asked what I thought about it. Of course, I hedged - "I'm not sure...what do YOU see?

Alternative/Early Dating NT/EC Timeline

Biblical Studies Carnival 47

P. Davies, M. Coomber, H. Pyper

New! Bible Study for Mothers and Daughters

The 2017 ETS Septuagint Studies Session

Thirdly, we had the pleasure of hearing from Peter J. Gentry, who is a longtime and well-loved professor of Old Testament at SBTS. I've had the good fortune ...

I have posted in the past about the annual biblical studies societies conferences. You can view my Guide to the Societies, and also read my two-part series ...

Scholarly "Consensus" NT/EC Timeline

Dozens of Us

Get Lost in Jerusalem - Free Interactive Program

Nov 6 – MY HOPE AMERICA – “Defining Moments”. Bible StudiesPastorYouthYoung ...

Teaching Children How to Study Scriptures

Co-Winners of the 2016 Willis Barnstone Translation Prize

Journal of the Irish Christian Study Centre now onlinePowered By the Tweet This PluginTweet This I have found that starting a digitisation project for one ...

In case you wish to insist that that isn't happening, I will share this tweet:

Richard Elliott Friedman, Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Georgia, says, in effect, “Yes, they can!” He says that he himself can . . . and ...

March 24, 2017 Call for Submissions for Next Biblical Studies Carnival