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Pin by Erik Holmes on Rifts t

Pin by Erik Holmes on Rifts t


Rifts® Dimension Book™ 1: Wormwood™ - Palladium Books | Rifts | DriveThruRPG.com

Tatoo Magic - My RIFTS to me .

Rifts® World Book Free Quebec™ - Rifts® World Book Free Quebec™ This World Book contains a wealth of information about Free Quebec, Glitte


Cover art for Juicer's Uprising for Palladium Books' Rifts RPG

The Most Badass Rifts Cover Art According to Steve

RIFTS - SAMAS by wingedmonkee.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Rifts Juicer by ChuckWalton.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


Rifts coalition army

RIFTS Thorn Vine Illustration :: By *ChuckWalton ☆

"Rifts China 3: Masters of Magic"

Rifts Lemuria RPG sourcebook

Rifts. Coalition emperor

See more

Gods of Egypt: Anubis Designs , Jerad Marantz. Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Erik Holmes.

Savage RIFTS characters group 3 by AlMaNeGrA.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

7e9ef69e17d7558d1501d30470da1de2--cyberpunk-city-katana.jpg (736×953)

Cover art for Rifts Splynn Dimensional Market for Palladium Books http:// palladium-

Chaos Earth® RPG - Palladium Books | Rifts | DriveThruRPG.com


Super cool sci-fi themed artworks from freelance concept artist and illustrator, Marcos Weiss aka Socy. Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Erik Holmes.

rifts mecha - Google Search

Young Magni

With all the D&D talk, Here's my favorite table top RPG - Album on Imgur

Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Sean.

Rifts RPG - Coalition PA-60A "Death's Head" SAMAS

Palladium Books:Rifts Japan

13 Pins. Scraps · Rifts. 350 Pins

Something Awful - The Battle of the Stupidest Rifts Characters. Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Erik Holmes.



Rifts Triax Cyborg

FATAL & Friends — Rifts Ultimate Edition

Kyle Wright

RIFTS, Coalition Soldier.

FATAL & Friends — Rifts World Book 2: Atlantis

This Splugorth Conservator is an advanced and dangerous bio-borg. What creature it may

megatrip: “ Rifts Cyber Knight by Aaron Riley ” Art

Palladium Books Store Rifts® World Book: Northern Gun™ Two

RIFTS CS Juicers by ChuckWalton.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

eduardkorhonen: “Neon Cyber Street ”

Palladium Commando Paint by VulnePro - Rifts

Rifts® World Book Triax™ 2 - Rifts® World Book Triax™ Two The war between the people of the New German Republic and the Gargoyle Empir

Beautiful Russian Concept Art works from Grafit Studio

2757 Sherlock Holmes by sleepingexplorer (2 may 2014)

ArtStation - RUELLE, Batman& Batman


Project Dystopia, Kevin Baik on ArtStation. Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Erik Holmes.

Desslyth the Younger by Mumah

Cyber Knights, what got me into RIFTS RPG in the first place

Rifts Book of Magic

Palladium Books Store Rifts®/Phase World® Sourcebook: Heroes of the Megaverse®

Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook: Resurrection (pre-order)

Rifts® World Book 20: Canada - Palladium Books | Rifts | DriveThruRPG.com

RIFTS NG V50 BIGFOOT Robot by ChuckWalton

Horned Man

Palladium Books Store Coalition Heroes of Humanity Print

RIFTS CS helmets 1 by ChuckWalton.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Rifts RPG

Matthew Mcconaughey/ I had problems pinning this one. didn't know where to pin it. thing I really like. things I want. so I thought I would just leave it at ...


Gamma World Ed. (TSR) Didn't care for this art as much, but still a fun game.

Directed by Lars Gustavsson, Eric Holmes, Marcus Kryler. With Lucas Adam, Deniz

Urban Fantasy

FATAL & Friends — Rifts World Book 14: New West

The Penta: Rift Rivals (2018)

Palladium Books:Rifts World Book 4: Africa

yup right i'm procrastinating *creys* and apparently this is someone sending in her kidlock req using telepathy JFC i can't believe you used.

Rifts® World Book 16: Federation of Magic™, Revised

Remembering Nick : KOMIKERO DOT COM

Classic Glitter Boy power armor from Rifts

internal GDP cohorts, child remote of unit - https://www.pinterest.com/pin /672303050595750493/

Uncle Doug's Bunker of Vintage Horror Paperbacks: The Moon of Skulls by Robert E.

I AM PIED PIPER | Unisex T-Shirt

Find this Pin and more on John Zeleznik by Norbert Benesch.

Artist: John Zeleznik - Rifts Art - https://www.artstation.com/artist/zeleznik - http://zeleznik.deviantart.com/ ...

Shambling Colossus by David Szilagyi on ArtStation. Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Erik Holmes.

Palladium Books:Rifts World Book 4: Africa | Palladium | Pinterest | RPG, Sci fi and Artwork

Rifts Board Game Box cover rev by ChuckWalton.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

... universal guardian of the Event Synthsizer, plays a discordant note in error, causing the timestreams of the Universe to cross and opening a rift.

Find this Pin and more on inspiration by Cyn Kaveney.

Glitter Boy from RIFTS RPG

Find this Pin and more on OSR by T. Carlyle.

The Most Badass Rifts Cover Art According to Steve

Find Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set by Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson & Eric Holmes (editor) - 1979

My apologies that I will probably be lousy with correspondence as although I am taking my laptop I don't think the Rift Valley is top of the pops when ...

This is a great shot of Holmes and one of the few that convey my personal vision of him. I love how the artist puts a softness to Holmes as well as ...

<2017> Written by Paige Britt, Illustrated by Sean Qualls ...

Countermage by MarioWibisono.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Art Garfunkel breaks down his new book 'What Is It All But Luminous,'

Atlantis (Rifts RPG) by FeroceFV.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

RIFTS Cyborg Division logo by ChuckWalton.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Find this Pin and more on Series by guilhermetempesta.

more-art-tea: “ Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes ” -- AMAZING

Attending a New England summer camp as an adolescent, young Erik Schroder - a first

Find this Pin and more on Doctor Who by Kate Bergan.

Gov't Mule Debuts New Song & Welcomes Eric Krasno In Alabama

A scrapbook of cyberpunk visions to get you dreaming about the future to come. Find this Pin and more on Rifts by Erik Holmes.